Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Setlist: Fancy Bump - 8-31-2018 Chixs & Styxs, Norman, OK

 Threw a last minute show in Norman for touring band Fashun Club. Crowd was small for Campus Corner mostly due to a new club next door having their grand opening and huge lights right out front attracting people to it. Still a good show though.

Fancy Bump
Chixs & Styxs
Campus Corner
Norman, OK

Jonathan Dickerson - Lead Vocals/Guitar

Christophe Murdock - Backing Vocals/Bass
Chris Stephens - Drums

1. Dishwasher (Jonathan Dickerson/Christophe Murdock)
2. I'll Be Damned (Jonathan Dickerson)
3. Fancy Bump Blues (Jonathan Dickerson)
4. Chisolm (Jonathan Dickerson)
5. 69 Scent (Jonathan Dickerson/Christophe Murdock/Chris Stephens)
6. [She Likes The] Crank (Jonathan Dickerson)
7. Power Ballad (Jonathan Dickerson)
8. Bobby Brown (Jonathan Dickerson)
9. Waikiki (Jonathan Dickerson)
10. Not Guilty (Jonathan Dickerson)
11. Luke Skywalker Might Be Dead (Jonathan Dickerson)

Photo by Amanda Wood