Sunday, December 2, 2018

Setlist: Christophe Murdock - 11-30-2018 Kendell's Bar, Oklahoma City, OK

 My first time back to Kendell's in a couple years. Some positive changes to the place since my last time. The stage has been added to and is bigger, which helps a lot when you're my size. Also, more room on the floor. Johnny from Fancy Bump got up and did a set in between to give me a break.A few friends I haven't seen in a while came out and we had a good time. 

Christophe Murdock
Kendell's Bar
Oklahoma City, OK

Christophe Murdock - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

Nathan Underwood - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar (On 2nd Set)

Set One:
1. Back In Oklahoma (Christophe Murdock)
2. Broken Promises & Broken Hearts (Christophe Murdock)
3. Country Heroes (Hank III)
4. Dear Mother (Christophe Murdock)

5. Pretty In A Casket (Blitzkid)
6. Rollin' On (Christophe Murdock)
7. A Dead Body (Bourbon Crow)
8. Another Small Town Song (Christophe Murdock)
9. Pray To The Saw (Christophe Murdock) - VIDEO:
10. Opulence (Danny Trashville/Casper McWade)
11. Back Into Grace (Christophe Murdock/Danny Trashville)
12. Ball & Chain (Social Distortion)
13. Ballad For The Lost (Christophe Murdock)

Set Two:
14. I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash) - Performed by Christophe Solo.
15. Astro Zombies (Misfits) - Performed by Christophe Solo.
16. Graveyard Romance (Christophe Murdock)
17. If The Sun Don't Shine (Christophe Murdock)
18. Wasted Time (Christophe Murdock)
19. Just Like Heaven (The Cure)
20. Living Hell (Christophe Murdock)
21. Misery Road (Christophe Murdock)
22. Sea Of Heartbreak (Don Gibson)
23. Taken Under (Christophe Murdock)
24. The Hunt (Christophe Murdock)
25. The Life Of An Outlaw (Christophe Murdock)
26. Hellbound (Christophe Murdock)
27. Diane (Husker Du)
28. Prison Bound (Social Distortion)
29. Don't Mean A Thang (Christophe Murdock)
30. The Last Man On Earth (Christophe Murdock)
31. Road Rash (Christophe Murdock)
32. Mother (Danzig) - Nathan on Lead Vox.
33. Nadia (Cancerslug) - Performed by Christophe Solo.

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