Thursday, February 15, 2018

Setlist: Christophe Murdock - 2-15-2018 Your Mom's Place, Oklahoma City, OK

 This weeks Train Wreck had a small crowd and a few people show up to perform. Brett Landry and the Nightshifts came out and did a rocking set for everyone. Also a touring band came out that I won't name because they ditched out like assholes without a word. I don't understand all these touring acts that ask to play shows and then run away. Just another band on the shit list that will never get booked with anything I do again.

Christophe Murdock
Train Wreck Variety Show
Your Mom's Place
Oklahoma City, OK

Christophe Murdock - Vocals/Electric Rhythm Guitar
Nathan Underwood - Backing Vocals/Bass
Matthew Lopez - Backing Vocals/Drums
Brett Landry - Electric Lead Guitar (On Set Two)

Set One:
1. Back In Oklahoma (Christophe Murdock)

2. Another Small Town Song (Christophe Murdock)
3. Broken Promises & Broken Hearts (Christophe Murdock)
4. Graveyard Romance (Christophe Murdock)
5. The Life Of An Outlaw (Christophe Murdock)
6. The Hunt (Christophe Murdock)
7. Taken Under (Christophe Murdock)
8. M (Christophe Murdock)
9. Pray To The Saw (Christophe Murdock)
10. Dear Mother (Christophe Murdock)
11. Wolfshead (Christophe Murdock)
12. Hellbound (Christophe Murdock)
13. Another Nail In The Coffin (Christophe Murdock)
14. If The Sun Don't Shine (Christophe Murdock)

Set Two:
1. Sea Of Heartbreak (Don Gibson)

2. Ballad For The Lost (Christophe Murdock) - VIDEO:
3. Astro Zombies (Misfits)
4. Road Rash (Christophe Murdock)
5. The Last Man On Earth (Christophe Murdock)
6. From Hell (Christophe Murdock)

Photo by Robbin Acuff