Friday, November 2, 2018

Setlist: Carol Morgan Band - 10-30-2018 Mojo's, Oklahoma City, OK

 Tuesday was a blast. Started it off with the wedding of my friends Josh and Bonnie. After that we all ended up at Mojo's in Bricktown where Matt was performing that night. Turns out I knew Carol who was singing for the band as well and she was nice enough to let me have the mic a couple times. I even got the band to play a song they didn't know and we did the Monster Mash at midnight when Halloween hit. It was a really fun night thanks to my friends and thanks to the band.

The Carol Morgan Band
Oklahoma City, OK

Carol Morgan - Vocals/Guitar

Matt Kemp - Bass
Timmy Braun - Drums
Tim Newcombe - Backing Vocals/Lead Guitar
Christophe Murdock - Vocals (On 3 Songs)

Love Song (The Cure)
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
Monster Mash (Bobby Pickett)

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